How We Can Help

Explore the may ways Scenora can help.

  1. Where can I get the exact / similar dress and accessories that Edie Falco wore at the Emmy's Red Carpet event. (See Example)
  2. What is the name of the song used in that car commercial I saw yesterday? (See Example)
  3. Find me restaurants near my currently location that Anthony Bourdain visited in the 'Toronto' episode of the program ‘Layover’ (See Example)
  4. Show me all the locations in the movie Baraka (See Example)
  5. I want to know the name of the interior designer who decorated Rob Lowe’s living room in Architectural Digest magazine. (Coming Soon!)
  6. I want to embed images from Scenora on my website/blog with the markers so I can create a more engaging experience for my readers and they can easily find items featured in the images.(Coming Soon!)
  1. My product was shown in a movie and would like viewers looking for it to easily find it/ buy it/ bookmark it/ pin it.
  2. I’m a fashion stylist and my work has appeared in magazines, tv shows and movies. I want to create a visual portfolio showcasing my work for potential clients and establish social proof.
  3. I’m a musician and my music has been used in commercials and movies. I want to track engagement level and make sure people interested in my music can easily find/ buy my creation.
  4. I’m a product placement & brand integration professional and I want clients to easily find me and peruse my portfolio containing all the different products I’ve helped place in various tv shows and movies.
  5. I’m an established makeup artist but I don’t have the time or the expertise to create my own website or online portfolio but would love to have one so that people can find me and see my body of work.
  6. I have a sizable following and I find that people are interested in the products and services I use and would like to highlight my influence to potential sponsors.
  7. I’m a PR / Event coordinator and I want to raise awareness and engagement of people who follow celebrities by creating a space on our event website where people can tag products, people and locations.
  1. We’re an advertising company and we want to showcase ads campaigns we’ve been involved with for potential clients.
  2. We make high-end kitchen appliances and many of our products have been featured in various cooking shows and interior design magazines. We want people to be able to easily find the exact make and models of the item they saw and where it can be purchased.
  3. We paid big money to place our product in an episode of Big Bang Theory and want to know if it affected our sales
  • Our beautiful town has been featured in various movies, tv shows and magazines. We want visitors to our town to be able to easily plan and find the exact locations where their favorite movie or tv show was shot.